Sri Sri Sri Tridanadi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Yathibya Namaha
in theTemple for a Puja



The Temple from Ganesha in Paris organizes traditional religious services At home

being made in Sanskrit language by qualified Indian priests and competent. The Hinduism knows the secrets which unite the actions of the Man, the nature and the gods. Ceremonies powerful védiques And effective are the keys which shall bring you the help and the blessing Divinities for the prosperity and the balance of all.

Ganapati Agni Homam : Rite and sacred Fire dedicated to God Ganesha. To remove the obstacles on our road, facilitate our actions and develop our companies.

Skanda Agni Homam : Rite and sacred Fire was dedicated to Skanda (Mourouga, Son of Shiva). In case of conflicts of justice, to be freed of his Enemies. Only in the temple Mantras 1316, the ceremony lasts 4 hours.

Rudra Agni Homam : In honour of god Siva. Rite and sacred fire. Protection of the persons, the houses and the vehicles. To assure Prosperity of companies. Only in the temple.

Sri Lalita Sahasranamam : Rite of the 1008 names of the goddess with Flowers. To favor the study, and in case of domestic problems.

Sri Durga Agni Homam : rite and sacred Fire dedicated to the Goddess Durga. For the protection and the prosperity of the woman, the couple and the children. The enfantement, the feminine problems, infant diseases, takes away the problems powerfully.

Vishnou sahasranamam: rite of 1008 God Vishnou's names. To maintain, increase his(her) prosperity, pay the debts, the agreement of loans.

Shanti Agni Homam: rite of the Fire crowned for the peace and the brotherhood. Activate the forces of life. Prepare for a satisfactory, happy and harmonious life for all.


Lakshmi Agni Homam : Rite and sacred Fire dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi. For the material abundance, the beauty, the prosperity of the family.

Navagraha Agni Homam : Rite and sacred Fire dedicated in new planets. For an intercession with the astral divinities in case of period Astrological fatal.

Mrityounjaya Agni Homam : Rite and Fire crowned to remove The fear, to allow a long life without disease. Powerful Rite. Only in the temple.

Bhairava Pouja : Rite to the goddess Bhairava in case of disease of skin, fear, depression, sleeplessness, bad dreams. Only in the temple.

Kantishti / panchavarnanoul : Rite of protection of the persons by the major divinities. A cordon of 5 colours will be attached to the wrist or in the neck. There is also an amulet containing a drawn magic diagram on a patch of copper or silver for a stronger protection and Durable. The preparation of amulets will last one week before they are tied up on the persons. Protection against the bad eyesight, Adversity, the jealousy etc...

For the sacraments, the astrology and the holidays monthly please inform you with the President of the Temple.