18th Fête de Ganesh

  • dimanche 1 septembre 2013


  • Metro la Chapelle

    place de la Chapelle, Paris (map)

    • Let's celebrate and participate in one of Paris' 'most' colourful and grand Indian celebrations. Fete de Ganesh!

      The temple celebrates this with a ceremonie in the morning followed by a parade through the quartier. More details at:http://www.templeganesh.fr/fetegan.htm


      Meeting point : At the Temple of Sri Manicka Vinayakar Alayam  
      17, rue Pajol - 75018 Paris  

      Meeting time : 10:30 - we'll follow the procession at 11:00 and then maybe continue for lunch around 13:00. The photography TeaTime and PhotoShooting meetup will be with us as well.


      Check out last years pics:


      Details of the program:

      The religious ceremonies will begin at 9h.  
      The procession will start at 11 from the temple and will finish around 15:00

      This is the circuit:

      - 17, rue Pajol,  11h to 11h30   
      - rue Perdonnet, 11h30 to 11h50  
      - rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, from 11h50 to 12h15  
      - rue Marx Dormoy, from 12h15 to 12h45 
      - rue Ordener, from 12h45 to 13h30  
      - boulevard Barbès, 13h30 à 14h   
      - rue Labat, de14h à 14h30   
      - rue Macadet, 14h30   
      - retour par la rue Ordener 14h45  
      - rue Philippe de Girard jusqu’au 17, rue Pajol. 15h

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